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Infared Body Wrap

Sweat it out, and relax

Infared Immersion

Naturally occurring, infrared is the safest and most effective form of focused heat therapy.
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Focusing on weight loss alone is not enough

The FIT Bodywrap raises your core body temperature above 100.6°. This causes your body to enter a "cool down" mode which elevates your heart rate, increases blood flow, and makes your body sweat from every pore.

A 45-60 minute session in a Fit Bodywrap leads to a sense of profound relaxation, as reported by innumerable clients.

It turns out that relaxation is much more important to health than most of us realize. The American Institute of Stress estimates that 75 to 90% of all visits to primary care physicians are for stressrelated problems. It would seem wise to have a system in place to reduce your stress burden, wouldn’t it?

Clinically-Proven Benefits

Pain Relief


Cellulite Reduction

Skin Care

Weight Loss


Fitness Recovery


Pricing Plans

Non monthly plans purchases are $49 a session

Single Session


Silver Package

  • 2 Sweat Sessions

Gold Package

  • 5 Sweat Sessions

Platinum Package

  • 10 Sweat Sessions

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